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+Katelyn Berkshire

Katelyn Berkshire is a digital designer, dog owner and proud Michigander. She founded Dog Ear Marketing in 2017. Since its inception, Dog Ear has helped to brighten businesses through design and marketing around the world.

She is looking for help with her clients' Wordpress sites, specifically using the Divi themebuilder.


+Alyssa Tweed

Alyssa Tweed is a graphic designer, foodie, and cat lady. She was born and raised in North Dakota, but now resides in Grand Rapids, MI. She founded By Tweed to enhance brands' visual identities.

She is open for full-time and freelance positions in branding and logo design!


+Randy Gallagher

Randy is the owner of Black & White Standard. He has 20 years of experience working with websites, 15 years in sales, and loves working with others on creative projects, to automate and streamline workflows. He's been developing his integration / automation toolkit and looks forward to helping you.

He is looking for people to talk to about Disney, back-end support, and hosting.